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One of the most common questions we get asked by potential traders is “Is Astronix Fund a regulated Forex brokerage?”. We are regulated by CySEC, FCA and ASIC.


What Matters, You

You are our number one priority. Without our traders, Astronix Fund is a shell. You and every other trader we have are what makes us! The good news is that we’re currently in the process of becoming a regulated brokerage. Full disclosure; we applied in March 2022. The good news is that because we already act like a regulated brokerage, the process of us gaining our regulatory licence will be expedited. Here’s how Astronix Fund treats every trader and every transaction like we’re already a regulated brokerage:



When you open your Astronix Fund trading account, the first thing we do is ask if you’ve read our Terms & Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions, you’re free to let us know at any time.



Whenever someone registers a Astronix Fund trading account, we carry out KYC, or Know Your Client. Our KYC processes are at the same level as any tier one regulated Forex brokerage. We are extremely strict when it comes to KYC.



AML or Anti-Money Laundering is an extremely important practice that’s carried out by regulated Forex brokers. At Astronix Fund, we view AML in high regard and will carry out every AML check a regulated Forex brokerage does on any new client.



When you request a withdrawal, you receive your money. We’re not into denying you access to your own funds. If, however, your withdrawal breaches our Terms & Conditions, we will let you know and then resolve any issues with you.


Trading Platform

The Astronix Fund trading platform has won numerous awards due to its ease of use, innovativeness, and excellent user experience. We’ve built it from the ground up to cater both experienced and non-experienced traders.


Risk Management

We take Risk Management extremely seriously, as you should. Within our trading platform, we’ve added excellent Risk Management features. Your Astronix Fund Expert has also been trained to show you how to carry out proper Risk Management.

Getting Our

Regulatory Licence

We’ve given you a small sample of the things the Astronix Fund Management Team has implemented to ensure we act like a tier one regulated Forex brokerage. Our stringent policies and procedures are there to ensure that we protect you and all our traders. Are we obliged to carry out AML or KYC? No, we’re not, but we do this because we want to ensure you are safeguarded at every turn.

What’s Expected

from You, Our Trader?

We know how urgent it might seem for you to get a Astronix Fund trading account and jump right into making trades. It’s exciting, but we need you to understand that it’s massively risky, too. So, as a Astronix Fund trader, we ask that you do your bit to ensure that you are following the rules. If members of the Astronix Fund Team ask for any documents from you, such as PoA (Proof of Address), go ahead and give it to them. They’re asking as part of their KYC process. Remember, this is for your own good.

Legal & Compliance

The Astronix Fund Legal & Compliance Team stringently follows every circular distributed by the three main tier one regulators, FCA, CySEC & ASIC. Based on the information provided in these circulars, we make changes to our policies.

Back Office

Back Office is the team at Astronix Fund which carries out all the AML & KYC checks on all our traders. Our Back Office Team is polite and courteous, so go ahead and work with them. They want your success.