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Here are the most common questions a trader would normally ask us or consider
to ask before opening an account with us.

Simply visit our Registration page, fill in the form, and you’re good to go!

Yes! You just need to issue a “Withdrawal Request” from Astronix Fund Client Area. Your request will be reviewed by our Back Office Team and they’ll issue your winnings, or whatever amount is in your trading account, back to the same source the funds were deposited by.

We don’t accept any amounts smaller than $300.

Because we’re on our way to becoming regulated, we carry out the same policies and procedures as tier one EU-based regulated brokerages. Regulatory bodies demand this process and we also follow it.

$300 is actually also a pretty low amount for someone to deposit. Remember, when you deposit, it’s basically an investment. If you’re serious about investing in the world’s financial markets, you’re going to want to show you’re serious by investing both your time and a monetary amount that’s worthy of a return.

The majority of our traders at Astronix Fund initially invest $5,000, although some start with as little as $300. From our experience, a healthy trading account will have around $10,000 in it within the first 30 days. This amount is derived from an initial investment, say $5,000, and then smaller, incremental deposits (or top-ups) of $2,500 each.

Over the course of their investment journey, most traders will invest up to $250,000, and see good return on their investment if they take into account proper risk management, properly digest market analysis news, which we provide, and create a proper trading plan, which your Astronix Fund Account Manager will insist you work on.

View your first deposit as your initial investment. The bigger your investment, the bigger the potential returns could be.

So, even though we do recommend that the minimum deposit be $300 (or the same amount in another currency), we definitely recommend that you try to invest at least $2,500+. This will put you in a much better position when it comes to trading the markets.

The leverage and bonuses we offer also greatly assist your trades, but it all starts with your first investment.

If you want more information, feel free to speak with your personal Account Manager. They will demonstrate how larger initial investments can reap bigger rewards.

If you’ve not yet received our 100% Deposit Bonus, speak with your Account Manager, but please read through our Bonus Terms & Conditions first. If you want to receive another bonus, we don’t really offer this. If there are any circumstances in which you feel you should receive a bonus, once again, speak with your Account Manager.

Absolutely not. Investing in the financial markets isn’t easy, and your investment could go up as well as down. Even with that being said, when it comes to trading with Astronix Fund, you can’t lose more than the amount that’s stored within your trading account.

We offer a multitude of different deposit options. Go ahead and visit our Deposits and Withdrawals page to see which options are available and which ones suit you best.

No, never. We will never charge you any fees when making a deposit into your Astronix Fund account.

We’re not fans of hidden fees and transparency with our clients is vital to building trust. This is why our withdrawal policy is listed in detail on our website. Go ahead and visit our Withdrawals page for more information.

We do charge a 5% withdrawal fee which covers the credit or debit card processing cost, while no expenses or commissions apply on bank transfers.

There are additional trading account charges, which include swaps and dormant fees. For more information on these fees, please reach out to your Account Manager or to our Customer Care Team.

This does happen from time to time. One reason may be that the sum of the investment you tried to deposit is greater than your card’s balance. Another reason may be that your bank or financial institution has imposed a block on some specific international or online transactions. If this does happen, please contact your debit/ credit card processing company, or your bank directly.

Unfortunately, no. We don’t allow anyone but the account holder to deposit funds into their account. Nor do we authorise withdrawals into a third-party’s debit/ credit card, nor bank account. We are very strict when it comes to the security of our clients’ accounts. We also adhere to circulars issued by regulatory bodies and they prohibit this.

You’re only human, and a study carried out by HYPR in 2019 showed that 78% of us lose our passwords, so you’re not the only one.

Resetting the password to your Astronix Fund Client Area is simple. Simply click here to access the Forgot My Password link and follow the simple commands. You’ll have a new password faster than you can imagine!

This isn’t a silly question at all. Here at Astronix Fund, we offer access to the world’s financial markets. We provide all our clients with the trading tools they need to be successful traders, but it is up to them if they are successful or not. We encourage everyone to learn as much as possible about the financial markets before making any trades. We also encourage our traders to learn how our Risk Management settings work.

If you need any assistance, feel free to contact our Customer Care Team or your newly appointed Account Manager.

Please see our Trading Schedule page for more details.

The only financial market which is available on the weekends is the Cryptocurrency market. Cryptos are decentralised, so you can trade Bitcoin, for example, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Before you start trading on the Astronix Fund Platform, have you considered the risks? Have you educated yourself on how to trade? Have you spent the time on the phone with your Astronix Fund Account Manager and allowed him/ her to walk you through the basics? Have you, with the help of your Account Manager, created a bulletproof trading plan?

If you have, go ahead and make a deposit into your trading account, find an asset class and an instrument within that asset class that fits your trading plan, and trade.

Before we answer that question, we want you to consider the service we offer. Astronix Fund is a trading brokerage. We allow anyone, from any walk of life to open a trading account and to trade the markets. Before allowing people to trade, we run stringent KYC checks on them. We then invest our time in them so that we can help educate them about the many pitfalls involved in trading the world’s financial markets. We add risk warnings and disclaimers on each page of our website. We do all of this and much, much more, yet people lost their investments.


Trading the markets isn’t for everyone. Some people believe they are cleverer than the market itself and go “all in”, even though we insist on no one ever doing this. Some believe that their “gut feeling” is better than the years of experience our trading educators have.

Some traders follow everything we tell them and still lose their investments because the market simply turns against them. Trading isn’t for everyone. If trading were easy, everyone would be doing it.

When you trade, you take an investment risk. If you have followed everything your Account Manager and other experienced traders have told you, there is a chance that you will indeed make a great return on your investment.

Please remember that your investment may go down as well as up. Never forget that.

Before you decide to trade or register with us, we need you to fully understand the risks that come with trading. Once you’ve understood that, you can then register your trading account. Once your account has been approved by us, go ahead and make your first deposit! You’ll then get a call from your newly appointed Account Manager. She/he will show you the ropes when it comes to trading on Trader Floor.

If you’re sure that you’re ready, you can go ahead and get started on the Trader Floor Platform. Before opening your trade, you’ll need to set your risk management rules, then delve into the world of trading.

When you register your trading account, you’re going to be asked to verify that you are indeed the person you say you are. We’ll email you all the details.

If you want more information on what you need when it comes to verifying your Astronix Fund trading account, go ahead and read through our KYC Process page. Everything you need to know about the items we ask for is on that page.

As soon as we’ve received all your supporting documentation, we’ll review everything you’ve sent over to us and if it checks out, we’ll approve your trading account on the spot.

As soon as we’ve approved your Astronix Fund trading account, our Back Office team will send you an email confirming that your account has indeed been verified.

If you submit your documents on Monday through to Friday, we’ll review them and can have your account verified within an hour, if everything checks out.

Astronix Fund is on its way to becoming regulated, and this means that we have to follow the guidelines of regulated brokerages. Even if we weren’t planning on being regulated, we would still carry out these KYC and verification checks as our Management Team stems from regulated brokerages and verifying who we allow in through our doors is very important to all of us here at Astronix Fund.

We accept any document that proves your identity, such as a Passport, Government Approved ID, and a valid Driving Licence. If you don’t have any of these three documents, please reach out to our Customer Care Team via our Live Chat feature.

Get in touch with your Account Manager immediately and they’ll ensure that our Back office Team puts a stop on your trading account.

Simply reach out to us and let us know what personal info you wish to modify or update, and we will do it for you. If we need any supporting documents, such as a marriage certificate or deed poll, we’ll let you know.

We are authorised to accept traders from most countries but we’re prohibited from offering our trading services to traders from the below countries:

Crimea Region
North Korea
Syrian Arab Republic

With that being said, we are not yet regulated by a tier one EU-based regulated, although if you do read our page on Regulation, you’ll see that even though we aren’t a regulated broker, we act in accordance with the latest regulations and circulars regulated brokers adhere to.

Go ahead and use our Live Chat feature, which you’ll see in the bottom right corner of your screen. Our Customer Care Team is available to answer your questions 24/5.

Being educated isn’t something that’s simply related to trading the world’s financial markets. The more you know about something, the better you’ll be at it. If you’re going to be a successful trader, don’t you think it’s wise to learn the basics before putting your investment at risk? We offer one-on-one Forex trading training to all Prime trading account holders, and we offer this service as we want your success. You should too, which is why you’re going to need to invest time into learning the basics and understanding some key principles when it comes to trading.

We’re dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on the brand new Astronix Fund Academy. If you want a sneak peek, go ahead and speak with your Account Manager. We’re sure they will be accommodating enough to show you some of the cool features that will be involved.

Absolutely not. We’ve built it from the ground up so that it’s perfect for beginner traders. We’ve made everything within our trading platform really accessible too, so you can do most things within one or two clicks.

If you do need extra help, feel free to speak with your Account Manager. They are on hand to help you and give you a walkthrough on the Astronix Fund Platform.

The Astronix Fund Customer Care Team is on hand 24/5, so being able to speak to them should be fairly easy. Given that hiccups can and do happen, we advise you to call us immediately. Head on over to our Contact page, where you’ll find our helpline.